Life happens.  First Neighbor Insurance Agency will help get you covered.

Nothing in life is guaranteed.  On any given day, life will happen.  First Neighbor Insurance Agency, with offices in Neoga and Effingham, Illinois, can help you make sure that your insurance coverage will protect you. Let us make your insurance experience a little more comfortable and protect you from whatever life throws your way.

First Neighbor Insurance Agency serves our area counties in central and east-central Illinois including Cumberland, Effingham, Coles, Shelby, Jasper, Clark, Edgar, Moultrie and Douglas counties.  When you need insurance, contact First Neighbor Insurance Agency for insurance tailored to your specific needs at competitive rates.

Auto Insurance You Can Count On

If you’re a licensed driver, you’re probably well aware of auto insurance. Most of us think of it as just another bill we have to pay, but it’s a very important aspect of owning a vehicle. Auto insurance isn’t just about getting a check if you total your car- there are many things to be aware of to be sure that you have the right policy for your needs.

Fire, Storm, & More Insurance For Your Home

Home insurance is an absolutely necessary part of owning a home. This insurance protects you from paying out of pocket if you suffer a loss to your home or its contents, or from any liability that may happen on your property. If you own a home or ready to purchase, make sure you are fully covered.

Life Insurance For Those Important In Your Life

Life insurance is something you need. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it because of the cost, but think about it: do you have anyone else who depends on your income? Do you have any debts? Do funerals and burials cost money? The answer to at least one of those is yes.

Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Umbrella Insurance For More Peace Of Mind

An umbrella policy is intended to be a supplemental policy to go along with the liability portion of your auto and homeowners insurance. In the event of a costly accident or legal battle, the costs could skyrocket. Legal and medical expenses add up fast.

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