Let’s face it- it isn’t exactly fun to think about needing someone (or a team of people) to take care of us. Sure, it’s common to not need long term care until you’re old, but it’s possible to need some type of long term care due to an injury or illness at a younger age as well. Either way, it’s never too early to start planning for these costs. Long-term insurance is a vital part of the planning.

Long term care costs, generally known as nursing home expenses, can get really expensive. Imagine having extra expenses of $75,000-100,000 each year- would you be able to pay those costs without taking out a loan or selling assets? It’s a very common misconception that Medicare will pay for nursing home care; however, Medicare will only pay for short term stays. Unless you have significant assets to sell or cash to pay for long term nursing home stays, you need some kind of long term care insurance. Even if you do have significant cash and assets, long term care insurance is beneficial to protect those assets.

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